pain free kid-friendly covid tests with young girl happy wearing a face mask

Ready to go back to school?
Kid-friendly COVID-19 tests available.

Kids are excited! But as a parent the prospect of going back to school in-person can bring mixed feelings. On Duty Urgent Care® is here to help you safely return to school with COVID testing options to fit your needs.

If your school requires a negative COVID test or if you’d like one for your own peace of mind, On Duty Urgent Care® has you covered. For a kid-friendly, more comfortable option, we recommend our Saliva PCR test.

Walk-in or make a same-day reservation for:
  • Saliva PCR Test for kids
  • Rapid COVID Testing
  • COVID Antibody Testing
  • School and sports physicals
  • Urgent illnesses or injuries – we’re equipped with on-site X-ray
Chicago South Loop Urgent Care doctor examining throat of a small black boy during coronavirus pandemic.

What is the best COVID test for kids?

COVID tests for kids can be daunting. We have ways to make testing easy.  

This saliva test looks for evidence of an active viral infection by detecting genetic material of the virus just like the nasal swab test. You will spit several times into a tube and then screw on the cap to complete the test. Due to limited quantities, we are generally reserving saliva tests for children returning to school or in need of a COVID-19 test. Results available within a few days.